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Comprehensive agent-based e-commerce system realizing price negotations and combining: (a) adaptability and intelligence (change strategy according to history of purchases), (b) mobility (based on transfer of negotation modules and agents).


e-commerce, software agent, price negotiation, knowledge management, multi-criteria decision making

Contact with us

Team leader, Marcin Paprzycki: marcin (dot) paprzycki (at) swps (dot) edu (dot) pl.
More contacts information can be found here.

Research Plan

The project will be heavily focused on implementation and filling the gap between high level descriptions of possible agent systems and small projects working on a level of subsystems of non-existing large-scale systems. Work will proceed in three stages, the first one involving re-implementation of work introduced in [1] and [2]. The second stage will focus on developing and implementing negotiation and decision making strategies. In the final stage, ontologies will be introduced into the system.
  1. C. Bartolini, C. Preist, N. R. Jennings, "A Software Framework for Automated Negotiation," Proceedings of SELMAS'2004, LNCS 3390, Springer Verlag, 2005, 213--235.
  2. M. Paprzycki, A. Abraham, A. Pirvanescu, C. Badica, "Implementing Agents Capable of Dynamic Negotiations," in: D. Petcu, and V. Negru, (eds.), Proceedings of SYNASC'04: Symbolic and Numeric Algorithms for Scientific Computing, Timisoara, Romania, Mirton Press, 2004), 369-380


E-CAP is distributed under GNU General Public License.

Details of other licenses, together with version number information, are available.

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